How Do You Install a Wall Outlet?


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Typically, the easiest method for adding a new wall outlet is to wire it to an existing outlet on the opposite side of the same wall. Use a stud finder to find an area between studs. Cut out a space for the new electrical box. Run a wire from the existing outlet to the new one. Pull the cable through, and connect it to the new electrical box. Once done, attach both outlets and outlet covers.

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This technique is best used when an outlet is directly opposite the desire location of the new outlet or otherwise very close. Avoid connecting the new outlet to a circuit that is already prone to blowing its breaker or fuse. Make sure to consult local electrical codes to ensure the new outlet is compliant with regulations.

When cutting out the space for the new outlet, place the new electrical box against the wall, and trace around it with a pencil. Cut the space out with a drywall saw.

Punch out one of the knock-outs in the back of the electrical box of the existing outlet using a screwdriver. Feed enough wire through the back to reach the new outlet plus around one foot of additional length. Before connecting the wires, shut off the electricity, and use a voltage tester to ensure it is off. Use wire connectors to attach the new wires to both the existing outlet and the new one.

Once you are done, have an electrical inspector come to check your work.

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