How Do You Install a Wall Mount?

How Do You Install a Wall Mount?

To install a wall mount, choose the right mounting bracket, locate the studs in the wall and decide where to run the wires. Drill the brackets into the studs, making sure the mounting holes line up with the center of the studs.

Always follow the mounting instructions that came with the wall mount for proper installation. When installing a wall mount on a brick or concrete wall, be sure to buy the appropriate hardware necessary for the installation.

  1. Measure
  2. Before beginning, measure and plan out where to mount the bracket.

  3. Find the studs
  4. Using a stud finder, find the studs in which to attach the wall mount. Mark each stud using masking tape or a pencil.

  5. Align the mounting holes
  6. Make sure the mounting holes on the bracket align with the center of the studs.

  7. Use a level
  8. Have a helper determine if the bracket will be level on the wall and hold it steady as it is screwed in. Once the bracket is attached, make sure it is still level, as it is easier to make corrections now than it is once the TV is on the wall.

  9. Secure the bracket to the wall
  10. Screw the bracket to the wall and install the TV. Be sure the mount is sturdy.