How Do You Install a Wall Mirror?


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To install a wall mirror, hold the mirror against the wall and mark its position. Drill the clip holes and fasten the mirror to the wall with plastic clips. You will need the mirror, a pencil, plastic clips, a screwdriver, screws, a spirit level, a tape measure, a drill and an assistant to complete this task.

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  1. Position the mirror

    Get assistance from a person who is at least 66 inches tall. Have him stand about 5 feet away from the mirror. Move the mirror up or down until he sees his full image in the mirror. Place the spirit level on the top of the mirror and adjust the mirror it until it levels. Use a pencil to draw a line along the top edge.

  2. Mark the clip positions

    From each top corner, measure 2 inches down along the side of the mirror; mark these measurements. Then, measure and mark 2 inches from each top corner along the top edge of the mirror. Repeat this process on each bottom corner until you have made eight marks.

  3. Position the mirror clips

    Have your assistant hold the mirror in place while you position a mirror clip on the mark on the bottom right hand corner. Push the clip so the bottom edge of the mirror rests on it and mark the position of the screw hole. Repeat the process on the other seven marks. Remove the mirror and drill holes at each pencil mark.

  4. Install the mirror

    Instruct your assistant to hold the mirror in position while you screw the clips. Tighten the screws to secure it.

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