How Do You Install Vinyl Windows?

How Do You Install Vinyl Windows?

To install full-frame vinyl windows, remove the existing window, and prepare the frame for the installation by ensuring the frame is level, cleaned, sanded, primed and painted. Insulate the new window and frame, and set the window into place. Secure the window with shims and nails.

  1. Prepare the windows

    Remove the sash, window and any vinyl liners that are installed in the existing window frame, and clean the window frame with a putty knife. Sand, prime and paint the window frames, and check the frame on all sides to ensure it is level. Make any necessary adjustments, and place insulation around the outside edge of the new vinyl windows.

  2. Install the window

    Set the full-frame window replacement into the existing window frame, and secure the window with shims. Check the window again to ensure it is centered and level, and examine the joints between the window and the frame for gaps. Place insulation into any gaps between the window and the frame to prevent drafts.

  3. Secure the window

    Secure the windows by carefully hammering two stainless-steel nails into each corner of the new window. Replace the sash, and check the window for proper operation. Use shims to level the window if it isn't opening and closing properly.