How Do You Install a Vinyl Window Sill?

How Do You Install a Vinyl Window Sill?

Because replacing only the windowsill itself also involves taking out the entire window from the window frame, it is easier to replace the whole window altogether with a vinyl replacement window. Before deciding to embark on the job of replacing the window, examine the window frame to check if it has warped and become out of square or rotted. This kind of damage will require replacing the entire frame, and it is a more complicated job that may require the services of experts.

If the frame appears sound, take careful measurements of the frame from top to sill and from side to side. Purchase a vinyl window that fits the frame snugly and start with the installation.

The following shows the steps involved in installing vinyl windows.

  1. Remove the old window
  2. Carefully remove the inside stop and set it aside, as it will be reused later. Remove the old lower window sash. Pull out the parting stop and remove the upper sash, sash liners and springs or open the sash pockets and remove the weights. Take out the sash cord pulleys and fill the weight pockets with fiberglass insulation.

  3. Insert the new window
  4. Push the new vinyl window into place tightly against the outside stop. Secure the new window by driving the mounting screws in on the sides.

  5. Apply caulking
  6. Apply caulk around the outside portion of the new window and install the vinyl trim parts. Reinstall the inside stop that was set aside earlier.