How do you install vinyl window grids?


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To install vinyl window grids, first measure the width and height of the glass window pane. Determine the number of grids desired, and divide the width by that number to achieve the measurements necessary to space the vertical grid strips equally. Divide the height by the number of grids to find the spacing for the horizontal strips. Move the vinyl strips to a flat surface and arrange them to reflect the measurements. Use a grid connector at each intersection.

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Mark the strips according to the window measurements, and cut them with a handsaw or industrial shears. If the window is angled or caulked, place the grid against the window, and mark the angle on the end pieces. Cut accordingly to achieve a snug fit. Once trimmed, hold the grid to the window again to check the fit. Trim if necessary.

Use either double-sided tape or adhesive fasteners provided with the vinyl grid kit, and place them on the side of the window side of the grid. Line the grid evenly within the window frame, and firmly press it to the glass so it sticks.

Many patterns can be achieved when applying vinyl window grids, including traditional colonial, Cape Cod style, prairie, Tudor and Victorian styles. Grids on prairie-style windows run along the outside of the window pane, while Tudor style windows employ diamond patterns. Victorian windows often have elaborate designs. Modern windows take on the clean approach of the Cape Cod style but enlarge it to fit large, expansive windows.

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