How Do You Install Vinyl Shower Wall Surrounds?


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Install vinyl shower surrounds using an adhesive, and then apply caulk to any openings where the panels meet the bathtub. Shower surrounds come in panels that you can apply over finished walls as well as existing tile.

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Repair any damage to the shower wall before installing a surround. Remove faucets, knobs and any shelves or soap dishes prior to installation. Surround panels adhere better to the tile if you first sand the tile with coarse sandpaper. Hold up panels against the existing walls before installing them to determine any necessary cuts you need to make to fit them properly.

Before putting the panels on the tile, apply adhesive directly to the wall or tile. Most types of shower surround adhesive need time to air dry after they are applied. Follow any directions on the package as precisely as possible. Once the glue is ready, place the panels in the order specified by the manufacturer's instructions.

The next step is to apply caulk to all seams and openings and along the bottom of the panels where they meet with the bathtub. If the instructions require it, allow the surrounds to dry for as long as necessary before applying the caulk. Once you apply the caulk, allow it to dry as well before using the shower.

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