How Do You Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

To install vinyl plank flooring, plan a layout and arrange for an appropriate size of tiles. Prepare flooring material to fix the flooring in place.

  1. Plan a layout

    Figure out the plan for installing the vinyl planks. Take measurements of the entire floor area and note down any turns and edges that may require special cuts. Using simple division, calculate the area of the floor and then divide it by the area of the tiles you have decided to cut to calculate the number of tiles you need.

  2. Cut the planks

    Cutting the planks is the most important part. You need to use a sharp utility knife to cut the planks in the proper shape. Use a straight edge to ensure that the tiles are cut perfectly.

  3. Install the tiles

    Use mastic adhesive as the sticking agent. Cover the floor with the adhesive and use generous amounts. Next, add the floor panels that you have cut out on top. Once you have properly placed all the panels, press them down with your hands. Use a hand roller if you can to flatten out the whole floor and leave no air pockets or bends. Let it dry for at least a day.