How Do You Install Vinyl Base Molding?


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Apply vinyl base molding using adhesive in a tube with a caulking gun or by applying the adhesive from a container with a trowel. Use a utility knife to score the back of inside corners and a hair dryer to heat the material so it bends around outside ones. Use a J-roller to ensure the materials adhere to the wall, and wipe away any excess adhesive with a damp cloth.

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Base molding helps to smooth the transition between the walls and floor. It covers any rough edges from either surface to give the room a finished appearance. Vinyl molding is a good choice for any high-traffic area in a home or commercial application. It is scuff-resistant and relatively easy to install.

If the manufacturer ships the molding in a roll, unroll it in a warm area, and place flat objects, such as books, on top to hold it flat. Clean the wall and floor before beginning the application process, as dust and dirt prevent the material from adhering to the wall correctly. Place a piece of scrap lumber under the vinyl to protect surfaces, and cut the vinyl base using a utility knife. When applying the adhesive with a caulking gun, use a zigzag pattern to ensure it spreads over the surface of the vinyl.

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