How Do You Install a Vertical Storage Rack?


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To install a Racor Storage vertical bike rack, use a stud finder to locate a wall stud suitable for supporting the rack. Use screw assemblies to join the top section to the center section, and attach the angled section to the bottom of the center section. Insert this assembly into the curved base of the rack. Screw the completed rack to the wall stud. Place support brackets in the rack, and test the assembly by placing bicycles in the rack.

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To install a Racor vertical ball rack, you need a Philips screwdriver, an electric drill and drill bits. Assemble the top, sides and bottom of the rack using the screws provided. Locate wall studs suitable for supporting the rack, and mark the wall in preparation for attaching the rack. Attach the wall mount brackets to the back of the rack, and drill the mounting holes before screwing the unit firmly to the wall. Attach bungee cord holders to the middle part of the rack, and test the unit by placing balls inside.

Before installing a Steel King boltless pallet rack, assemble and identify all the parts of the unit, and ensure that they are undamaged and in good condition. Choose a level, clear concrete surface for assembly. Use a chalk line and measuring tape to lay out the rack's position. Position the upright frames, and attach the load beams to the teardrop holes in the sides of the frames. Ensure that the safety clip snaps into place as you attach each beam.

Use a lift truck or other device to position the unit on the chalk line. Ensure that the unit is square, plumb and level. If necessary, shim the unit to make it level before anchoring it in place with anchor bolts.

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