How Do You Install Veranda Vinyl Fencing?


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The first step in installing the Veranda vinyl fencing is to select a fence that suits the house design best. Next, select the position of placement of the vinyl fencing.

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Trace the boundary with a string and posts so as to get the markings straight. The corners should be square folds. Sketch a plan of the fencing, and get the required permit from the municipality. Besides the fence, also buy the fence hangars and the other hardware equipment required to complete the installation. The installer also is likely to require some cement.

To begin with the installation, dig the post holes at the corner intersections. Place the posts according to the fence installation kit, and surround the posts with cement to fill in the hole. Fix the vinyl wrap around the post. After the installation of the corner posts and gate posts, next install the remaining posts. Fasten the bottom fence hangers on the posts, ensuring that they are at the appropriate level.

Secure the panel in place on the bottom hangers and fasten the top hangers to hold the panels in the exact place. Install the complete fence in a similar manner and install the gate, by attaching the hinges. Level the gate so that it opens without obstructions.

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