How Do You Install a Utility Sink?

How Do You Install a Utility Sink?

A utility sink has a variety of uses, including washing pets, cleaning paint brushes and soaking clothes and shoes. For this project, you need a P-trap, slip-joint pliers, a hacksaw, horizontal pipe, elbow pipe, compression connectors, PVC glue and a file for smoothing pipe edges. You need to fit the faucet, connect the trap correctly, then connect the lines securely to prevent leaks./

  1. Install the utility sink

    Fit the faucet onto the sink next to the plumbing network. Connect the sewer lines to the drain. A PVC or metal pipe should extend from the wall, next to the supply lines. Use a tape measure to measure from the drain opening at the bottom of the sink to the drain to determine the connection length.

  2. Connect the trap

    Use a trap with vertical openings and install under the sink. Mark the point where the horizontal end meets the drain pipe. Use an elbow pipe on the wall end to connect the horizontal pipe. A PVC or metal trap should match the drain pipe. Cut the drain with a hacksaw, so the opening connects to the trap. Smooth the edges with a file. Slip the horizontal pipe over the drain pipe.

  3. Connect the lines

    Install the elbow pipe to the drain pipe with PVC cement or a compression connector. Place the trap over the elbow pipe and drain, and connect the two ends with a compression connector. Tighten the screw collars of the trap by hand, and use slip-joint pliers to tighten the connectors. Test the connections by turning on the water. If water is leaking, remove the trap and adjust accordingly.