How Do You Install an Underground Drain Pipe?


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The process of installing an underground drain pipe involves marking out and digging a trench, laying the pipe, then digging and preparing a dry well or attaching the pipe to the downspout before filling the trench. An underground drain pipe provides a permanent solution for exterior environments that lack proper drainage by channeling the runoff from downspouts and gutters.

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Measure and mark the trench line using string or by sprinkling flour on the soil. Lay cardboard flat along the edge of the drain line. When digging the trench, shovel dirt and earth onto the cardboard to make the back-filling process easier. Ensure the trench is at least six feet in width and slopes down slightly to ensure proper drainage. Trenches should be a minimum of 10 inches deep, but should be deeper in colder climates where surface pipes are more prone to freeze and burst.

Lay out the pipe lengths, fittings and other connective hardware next to the trench. Attach the drain pipe to the downspout or other water source using an appropriate adapter and assemble the drain pipe in the trench, taking frequent measurements to ensure the proper slope. Use a garden hoe to back-fill the trench after completing the assembly.

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