How Do You Install an Under-Counter Microwave?

To install an under-counter microwave, mark the center for installation, and attach the template to the counter. Insert the mounting plate, and screw the plate onto the back wall. Finally, hang the microwave on the mounting plate, fasten the screws, and plug in the power cord.

  1. Attach the template to the counter

    Mark the center of installation with a tape measure, and mark the wall studs. Align the center line of the wall template with the line marked on the back wall, and attach the counter template to the underside of the kitchen cabinet with tape.

  2. Set the mounting plate

    Mark and drill four holes on each corner of the counter, hold the mounting plate to the back wall, align the plate with center line, and secure it in place with screws.

  3. Insert the microwave

    Drill holes on the marked spots under the cabinet template and a hole for the power cable. Lift the microwave oven, and place it on the support tabs located under the mounting plate. Seek a friend's help in lifting the microwave if needed. Run the power cord through the hole, and fasten the screws in the upper counter until the space between the microwave and the counter closes.