How Do I Install a Tumble Dryer?


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Installing a tumble dryer requires pipe wrap tape suitable for gas connections, a stainless steel connector, flexible gas supply pipe, dishwashing liquid for gas dryers, 3/4-inch sheet metal screws, duct tape, a level, and straight and elbow metal duct piping. With one small exception, the procedure for installing both gas and electric dryers is the same. Always check the machine's owner manual for specific installation instructions.

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How Do I Install a Tumble Dryer?
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  1. Check the electrical outlet for compatibility

    Gas dryers require a standard 120-volt receptacle, but electric dryers need a 240-volt receptacle. The plug on an electric dryer looks different from a standard plug. Contact an electrician if a 240 volt receptacle is needed but not in place.

  2. Hook up the gas supply line

    Before beginning any work with gas lines, turn off the main supply line to the house. Wrap the threads of the gas supply line with pipe wrap tape. Slide the connector into place. Attach gas supply line to the connector and the dryer's gas valve, and then tighten both ends. Turn the gas back on, and check for leaks by applying a solution of one part dishwashing liquid and one part water to the connections. Bubbles signify a leak.

  3. Attach the vent

    The dryer's exhaust vent must release hot air outside regardless of whether it is gas or electric. Attach metal piping to the vent connector in the wall. A mixture of straight and elbow pieces are needed to reach the dryer's exhaust outlet. Use 3/4-inch sheet metal screws to hold the piping in place. Secure all joints with duct tape.

  4. Plug in, position and level the dryer

    Plug the dryer into the proper electrical receptacle. Slide it into place, leaving the recommended amount of space on both sides, the top and back of the unit. The owner's manual gives minimum requirements for air space. Using a carpenter's level, ensure that the machine is level, adjusting the feet as needed.

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