How Do You Install a Tub Surround?


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To install a tub surround, remove the faucet trim and spout. If tile is present, cover the tub with cardboard, remove the tile, and prepare the drywall. Cut the apron-trim pieces to the proper length, and install the pieces. File the corner pieces of the surround, if necessary, and cut holes for the plumbing fixtures in the appropriate piece of the surround. Apply adhesive to the corner pieces, install them, and install the center panel after applying adhesive to it.

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To prepare the existing drywall after removing tile, apply a coat of drywall compound to the walls, allow the compound to dry, sand it lightly, and apply a stain-covering primer to the walls. Use the surround packaging or carton as a template to install the panel where the plumbing is located. To make the template, place the carton against the wall and trace the circles for the faucet, knobs and shower.

Cut the holes out of the carton, place the carton over the proper panel, and trace the holes onto the panel. Start the cuts by drilling through the center of the mark with a 1-inch drill bit, and finish the cuts with a saber saw.

When installing the center piece of the surround, mark the center point of both the wall and the panel. Set the panel in place to ensure it fits properly, apply adhesive to the back of the panel, and press it into place after aligning the center marks.

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