How Do You Install a Tub?

How Do You Install a Tub?

To install a bathtub, you must turn off the water. Remove the old tub, if necessary, and select your new tub. Set the tub into place, and install the stringer and drain. Finally, properly secure the tub into place, and clean up.

  1. Gain drain access

    First, shut off your water supply by using the cut-off valve or the main water valve. You should also open any valves at the lowest level of your house to relieve any pressure. Next, locate the drain. It is often found behind the wall or underneath the floor.

  2. Position the studs

    After making all the necessary measurements and selecting your tub, make sure it remains safely packaged until installation. Next, cut out a section of the packaging to place inside the bath, and remove the rest. You may also tape any remaining packaging to the exposed porcelain for added protection. Next, carefully position the tub into place, and mark the studs with a pencil. Remove the tub.

  3. Install the tub

    Secure the stringer by first measuring the height of the tub flange, and adjust your reference marks as necessary. Next, attach a 2-by-4 using deck screws to these new references. Install the overflow drain by following manufacturer instructions. Set the tub back into place, and connect the drain. Finally, secure the tub with nails, and reinstall the baseboard or molding, if necessary.