How Do You Install a Tractor Blade?


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To install a tractor blade, first use all-purpose grease to lubricate the threads of the cutting blade bolt before applying the lock and flat washers. With the blade's cutting edge toward the ground, place it onto the blade spindle by inserting the spindle's hub into the blade's corresponding hole. Use a flat washer to attach, and then place a wooden block between the blade and cutting deck. Use a socket wrench to torque the cutting blade bolt.

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Torque the cutting blade bolt to between 27 to 35 feet per pound. Remove the wooden block, and test the blade to make sure it is fully functional.

Before installing the new tractor blade, it is necessary to remove the old one. First park the tractor on a flat surface, and put wooden blocks both in front of and behind the wheels to anchor it in place. Activate the brake pedal, and hold it with the park brake lever pulled up. Disconnect the spark plug wire to ensure the engine remains off, and pull the cutting deck clutch lever to release the cutting deck.

Position the tractor in the highest position allowed, and then use the plunger on the top of the cutting deck lift lever to raise the cutting deck. It locks into place with the release of the plunger. Restrain the cutting blade with a wooden block before using a socket wrench to unscrew the cutting blade bolt and carefully removing it.

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