How Do You Install Track Lighting?


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To install track lighting, shut the power off, remove the existing fixture, and connect the adapter to the ceiling wiring. Attach the track light adapter and position the track. Next, attach the cover plate and then install bulbs.

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  1. Prepare for installation

    Shut the power off at the breaker box for any circuit you are using. Remove the existing light fixture by loosening the retaining screws, and prying the fixture loose. Ensure that the power is off before disconnecting wires from the fixture.

  2. Connect the adapter

    Connect the wires from the adapter with those on the ceiling. Connect the green wire to the ground wire. Connect the black wires together, and connect the white wires together. Use wire nuts to secure the connections.

  3. Attach the adapter plate to the junction box

    Use the screws provided in your track-lighting kit to attach the adapter to your junction box.

  4. Position the track

    Determine the area you want lit. Use mounting holes to mark where the screws go. Drill pilot holes at the marks, then use toggle bolts to attach the track to the ceiling.

  5. Fix the adapter

    Snap the adapter onto the track. Attach the cover plate.

  6. Install light bulbs

    Install the light bulbs in each fixture. Snap the fixtures onto the track before turning the power back on.

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