How Do You Install a Toto Toilet?


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To install a Toto toilet, verify that the existing plumbing meets the requirements of the unit. If the toilet does not have a PVC outlet, secure the toilet bowl in place using the flange bolts and nuts. Then, attach the tank and the inlet hose. If the toilet has a PVC outlet, install the mounting brackets, attach the PVC outlet to the closet flange, secure the bowl to the mounting brackets, and connect the hose for water inlet.

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When installing a Toto toilet that does not have a PVC outlet, first push in the flange bolts in the flange. Place the toilet bowl upside down, position the wax ring on the outlet and coat the bowl's underside with plumber's putty. Turn the bowl upright, position it above the flange outlet, and then press it gently into place.

Place washers on the bolts, and screw the nuts, first by hand and then with a wrench. If the toilet comes in two pieces, secure the tank using washers and screws through the holes on its base.

When installing a Toto toilet that has a PVC outlet, install the mounting brackets by drilling holes on the floor. Place the bolts in the flange. Apply a wax ring on the PVC outlet's opening and press it over the closet flange. Tighten the flange bolts and affix the outlet's rear side to the brackets.

When securing the toilet on the flange, fit the toilet's outlet in the PVC outlet's rubber gasket. Affix the toilet to the brackets.

In both cases, wrap plumber's tape on the tank inlet, connect the inlet hose, and then fill the tank with water. Press the toilet flush to check for leakage. Finally, apply caulk around the toilet's base.

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