How Do You Install Top-Mount Window Blinds?


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To install top-mount window blinds, affix mounts as required on the blind's top rail, mark the rail's position on the window's frame, and attach the mounting brackets to the casing of the window. Affix the valance clips to the blind's top rail, position the top rail into the mounting brackets, and attach the valance slats.

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Begin installing a top-mount window blind by clipping a top mount on the cord lock slot located on the blind's top rail. Clip a second mount 2 inches from the rail's other end, and affix more mounts, spaced uniformly, between these two mounts.

Position the top rail on the top inside frame of the window such that its front side is flush with the frame's outer edge. Mark the two sides of each mount on the window frame using a pencil, and remove the mounts from the blind.

Position a mounting bracket on the upper casing of the window, mark the screw hole positions using a pencil, drill matching holes on the casing using a small diameter bit, and secure the bracket using mounting screws. Affix the other mounting brackets in a similar manner.

Attach two valance clips 1 inch from the top rail's two ends. To attach the top rail to the mounting brackets, position the rail's rear side lower than the front one, and push in the front side in the hooks located on the brackets' front edge. Adjust the rail's rear edge in the bracket's rear side, and ensure that the rail is locked in its position.

To attach the valance slats, slide each one on the clips, starting from a clip's outside and running it through the other clip's inside. Ensure that the slats are positioned uniformly across the blind's front.

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