How Do You Install Tire Chains on a Snow Blower?


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To install tire chains on a snow blower, tuck the chains under the tires of the snow blower, hook the inside and outside of the chains together, and adjust them for slack. Test drive the snow blower, and adjust the chains as needed.

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To begin installation, lay the tire chains on the floor. The curled side of the tire chains, with their hard edges, should face the ground. Keep the chains straight; do not cross them in any way. There are two different hooks on either side of the chains: the fixed hook goes to the side of the tire facing the snow blower, and the long clip hook matches up with the outside of the tire. Tuck the chains under the tires, and drive the snow blow into position so that two-thirds of the tire is over the chains.

Next, turn the engine off, and hook the inside of the chain with the fixed hook. Bringing the chain ends together, fasten those two ends with a hook. To bring the outside of the chain together, take the long shank of the clip, and pass it through the first link at the other end. Then, holding the two ends together, fold it back on itself, and clip it in place. Affix the other tire chain the same way.

Drive the snow blower 1/4 mile to test for chain slack. Adjust the slack as necessary by moving the hooks. If the chains are too loose despite the adjusting, use bungee cords to hold them in place.

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