How Do You Install Timberline 30-Year Shingles?


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To install Timberline 30-year shingles, apply a drip edge and leak barriers, then add the starter strip shingles before creating overlapping layers of individual shingles. Before starting this process, make sure the roof area to be shingled is free from protrusions or defects and that it is relatively clean.

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To carry out this task requires roof vents, electro-galvanized roofing nails and flashing, and a roofing hammer. At the low edge of the roof, apply a noncorrosive drip edge and put adhesive leak barriers along the eaves before placing the underlayment on top of the leak barrier. Roll the leak barrier horizontally, making sure it covers both sides of the roof surface, before nailing it into place. Run noncorrosive drip guard over the area and overlap the drip guard at the eave corner. Use starter strip shingles at the rakes and along the eaves to provide a strip before placing the starter shingle.

In the second row, trim 8-inch from the first shingle, then lay the shingles, allowing 3-inch side overlap on each one. Trim 16 inches from the shingle on the third course and repeat the process. Make sure the courses remain parallel by measuring a parallel line every six courses.

For a straight gabled roof, run shingles on both sides. From each centered eave on the ridge under the underlayment, place an adhesive barrier. Run and trim shingles over the barrier and run down the ridge cap shingles to complete the job.

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