How Do You Install a Three-Speed Switch for a Ceiling Fan?

How Do You Install a Three-Speed Switch for a Ceiling Fan?

To install a three-speed switch for a ceiling fan, make holes in the wall for installing the switch box and the wiring, disconnect the fan's connections, and connect the switch's NM cable to the fan. Using a fish tape, pull the cable to the switch box, and connect the wires of the electricity source, fan and the switch appropriately. Finally, place the switch in the switch box, and patch the holes in the wall.

Begin installing a three-speed switch for a ceiling fan by switching off the power supply to the circuit of the fan. Then, make a hole in the drywall so that it seats the switch box. Make another smaller hole over the switch and at the meeting point of the ceiling and the drywall to run the wires on the ceiling.

Next, disconnect the fan's power connections and take it out. Connect the NM cable consisting of two wires between the switch and the fan. Push in a fish tape via the hole in the drywall to reach the junction box of the fan, secure the NM cable to it, and pull to bring the cable to the switch box.

Now, connect the electricity source's and switch's black wires, and connect the source's and the fan's white wires. Place insulation tape on the remaining white-colored wire, and connect it to the fan's black wire. Restore the connection between the fan and the junction box.

Next, connect the switch's silver and brass terminals to the white and black wires, respectively, and place insulation tape around the connections. After securing the switch in its box, repair the holes in the wall using a patch kit meant for drywalls.