How Do You Install Terra Cotta Tile?

Install terra cotta tiles by applying adhesive, laying tiles starting from a center point, leveling the tiles, and applying presealer, grout and sealer. The length of the project varies according to the size of the area and the drying time. You need terra cotta tiles, chalk, a carpenter's square, adhesive, spacers, tile cutters, presealer, grout, a metal pipe, a trowel and sealer.

  1. Make chalk lines

    Make chalk lines on the ground that intersect in the middle of the area you plan on tiling. This helps with precision when you start laying tile.

  2. Apply adhesive

    Layer the bottom of the tiles with adhesive. Start small with enough adhesive-layered tiles to cover a 3-foot by 3-foot square area.

  3. Lay the tiles

    Lay the tiles starting at the center point of the area marked in chalk. Place spacers between each tile.

  4. Level the tiles

    Use the carpenter's square to make sure that tiles are level. If they are not level, add more or less adhesive.

  5. Cut tiles

    Use the same lay-and-level process until all the tiles are down. Then, cut tiles to fill in the edges of the area.

  6. Apply presealer

    Apply presealer to the tiles. Allow it to dry.

  7. Apply grout

    Once the presealer is dry, add the grout by layering it inside the spaces between tiles with a trowel. Wipe away excess grout, then press a metal pipe into the grout lines to make concave impressions. Allow the grout to dry.

  8. Apply sealer

    Once the grout is dry, add a thick layer of sealer. This protects porous terra cotta tiles from stains and liquids. Allow it to dry.