How Do You Install a Tankless Water Heater?


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To install a tankless water heater, install a vent pipe to the outside, mount the heater to the wall, and attach water pipes. If this new tankless water heater replaces an old water heater, reuse or replace the venting and water pipes as necessary.

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  1. Decide on the location for the tankless water heater

    To replace an old heater, place it in approximately the same location for ease of installation. If not replacing an old heater, select a place close to an exterior wall suitable for venting. Consider where water pipes and power lines are currently located in the property for easy attachment to the new heater.

  2. Install the vent pipe

    Follow the specifications of the new water heater concerning the circumference of the vent pipe leading from the water heater. If replacing an old water heater, check to see if the old vent is appropriate. If not, cut or enlarge the hole leading to the outside. Install an appropriate vent pipe based on model specifications and local building codes. Cover the outside vent hole with a guard to protect the venting from outside elements.

  3. Mount the tankless water heater to the wall

    Screw the water heater onto secure wall studs following instructions provided with the water heater. If no wall studs are present, such as in a concrete basement, attach 2 x 4 boards to a ceiling joist, then screw the water heater onto those pieces.

  4. Run water pipes to the water heater

    Reuse the water pipes that led to the old water heater if possible. If these are not reusable, follow local building codes to run new water pipes to the new heater. Run any necessary venting pipes, and install release valves as required by the water heater model.

  5. Hook up the electricity or gas

    Plug the heater into a grounded socket if it is electric. If the heater is gas, attach the gas line to the heater as required by local building codes. Contact your gas service provider if you need expert help to do this safely.

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