How Do You Install Table Leg Risers?


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Installing table leg risers can be as simple as inserting a table leg into a riser. Certain table leg riser products such as Lift Your Table allow you to do this. In some, a little assembly is necessary but not difficult. Table leg risers from Mobility Transfer Systems include screws so you can permanently affix the riser to the furniture.

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Different choices of materials are available for table leg risers, including plastic, metal and wood. Table risers made of solid wood provide a very stable base and make the potential for collapse highly improbable. Plastic is much less expensive than wood, but only purchase heavy duty plastics to avoid high risk of collapse.

Some table leg risers work only if the table's legs are far apart. Otherwise, it may be impossible to fit a chair and especially a wheelchair between the legs. Check the dimensions of the riser, along with your table and chairs before purchasing.

Check the amount of weight that the risers support. EZ Mobility Solutions sells products that can support 1,500 to 3,000 pounds, depending on the model.

The table leg riser products for sale typically come with instructions for installation. Follow the manufacturer's instructions completely to maintain product warranty and to protect your furniture from damage.

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