How Do You Install Suspended Ceiling Lights?

First, plan the location of the ceiling light in relation to a power source, and identify which switch or outlet is be used. Then, turn off the power to the circuits being worked on through the building's main circuit breaker. To install suspended ceiling lights, first mark the installation spot, cut a hole for the light fixture housing, wire the light and finally connect everything to its proper place.

Mark the spot by removing the desired ceiling tile and finding an ideal location based on the number and type of lighting. Use the light fixture base itself as a stencil to properly size the hole to be cut. Then, use a drywall saw to cut out the hole. Attach the light housing to the hole before working on the wiring. If the distance to the power source and wiring is incorrectly judged, use an extension cord. In this case, be sure to monitor the connection and unplug it on a daily basis.

Many commercial lights come with their own hanging wire. Attach this to the tile or to the ceiling bar for extra support. For smaller lights, use a wire hanger to help attach the light to the beams of the ceiling. This is generally done to prevent accidents, especially in earthquake-prone areas.