How Do You Install a Suspended Ceiling?


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Install a drop ceiling by placing the perimeter, adding the runners and placing the panels. A drop ceiling requires a minimum 4-inch clearance with an additional 2 inches if you are using full-panel fluorescent lighting. Building codes require a minimum of a 7 1/2-foot clearance between the floor and ceiling.

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Nail the perimeter supports in place through the wallboard and into the studs. They can be cut to fit using tin snips. Avoid marring the paint when nailing them.

Install the long runners perpendicular to the ceiling joists. Most rooms require less than a full tile to complete the installation. If the room requires more than a couple of inches to complete the ceiling, adjust the runners so there is an even space at either side of the room to create a balanced look. Place eyebolts in every third ceiling joist, and use wire to support the ceiling as it spans the room.

Install the cross runners into the long runners, adjusting to balance any remaining spaces on either side of the room. Cut the partial panels and drop them into place. Drop the full panels into the grid. Cut openings for any ducts, and install the covers. Connect the wiring to the fluorescent panels, and move them into place in the grid.

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