How Do You Install a Sump Pump?


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Install a sump pump by locating the lowest spot in the basement, installing the sump, installing the pump, providing power, and plumbing the outlet. If the basement has a concrete floor, the process requires cutting through the concrete.

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  1. Locate the lowest spot in the basement

    This spot is generally the first place water collects. The location for the pump needs to be near an electrical outlet and in a location near a wall or corner so it is out of the way.

  2. Dig the well

    The sump is a well where water collects for pumping. It is several inches deeper than the height of the pump, allowing installation and covering the pump so it is out of sight. Dig a hole to accommodate the sump, add gravel, and install the sump. Add more gravel around the outside of the container.

  3. Install the pump

    Place the pump in the bottom of the well. Adjust the float so the pump empties the sump and then shuts off. The power for the pump should include a ground fault interrupter to prevent possible electric shock.

  4. Provide an outlet

    The sump connects to an outlet pipe to direct the water outside and away from the house. Install the pipe to an above-ground level and through the wall. Make sure the pipe directs the water several feet away from the home, so it does not seep back through the basement walls or floor.

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