How Do You Install a Strobe Light?

How Do You Install a Strobe Light?

Install strobe lights by drilling holes for the lights into the interior or exterior of your vehicle, and then run a 12-volt cable from the fixture to a power source, and protect the circuit with an in-line fuse. Prevent the strobe from running constantly with an in-line switch or toggle.

Check first to be sure installing strobe lights on a civilian vehicle is legal in your jurisdiction. Most areas in the United States permit installing strobe lights on civilian vehicles provided they are not the same colors as strobe lights used by law enforcement agencies.

For strobes installed inside the vehicle, no weatherproofing is usually necessary. However, on outside strobe lights, using caulk or a rubber seal prevents moisture or dirt from entering the electrical system and causing problems.

Connecting the strobe light cable to the vehicle's positive battery cable is the safest option for powering the strobe. Another power source is the headlight cable, which usually runs under the vehicle's dashboard. This requires less effort than connecting directly to the positive battery cable, but it presents a number of problems.

Connecting the strobe's power supply to the headlight cable places a large amount of electrical current in one cable, potentially causing overheating and other hazards. Additionally, wiring the strobe along with the headlights means that, unless you also install an in-line switch for the strobe light, the headlights cannot run without the strobe also running.