How Do You Install a Stove Backsplash?


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Before laying tiles behind the stove, the wall must be thoroughly cleaned and measured to determine the number of tiles needed. Then grout is laid across the wall, and tiles are pressed into the grout and left to dry overnight. The grout is sealed a week later.

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Grease and other cooking materials must be removed from the wall prior to laying a backsplash. A mixture of .25 cup of laundry detergent, .5 cup of bleach, and a gallon of water is recommended as a scrub. The wall is then measured, and the midpoint of the tiling area is located. Place tiles without grout along the wall's length to estimate the number of tiles needed. If necessary, a wet saw can be used to cut tiles into smaller pieces.

Next, use a wide trowel to spread grout along the length of the desired area, and then smooth the grout. Tiles may need to be twisted and pressed deep into the grout to hold. After all the tiles are laid, they should be left to dry overnight. Then a rubber grout float is used to force grout between tiles and a damp sponge used to wipe away the grout from the tile's surface. Later, use a soft cloth to buff away any remaining grout on the tiles. The grout must be sealed eventually, and caulking can be laid along the edges of the backsplash.

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