How Do You Install a Storm Door?

How Do You Install a Storm Door?

To install a storm door, take measurements, fasten the Z-bar, fit the door to the frame, install the expander sweep and the latch, and attach the closer mechanism. Installation takes roughly three hours and requires a drill, level, hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, pliers, screws, sawhorses and a storm door.

  1. Take measurements for the door

    Use the tape measure to measure in three spots across the width of the door. Also measure from the bottom of the frame to the floor for the height of the door. Purchase the appropriate size storm door.

  2. Fasten the Z-bar to the door

    Put the storm door on the sawhorses. Use screws to attach the Z-bar, which affixes the door to the frame. Measure the latch-side Z-bar, and cut it to this length.

  3. Fit the storm door to the door frame

    With the door closed, put the door in the door frame. Push the hinge side against the jamb. With the hinge side pressing tightly against the jamb, attach it with screws. Affix it as tightly as possible.

  4. Attach the Z-bar to the frame

    Open the door. Install two of the jamb screws to each hinge. At the top of the Z-bar is the drift cap. Adjust the drift cap so that the gap between the door and the frame is even. Secure the drift cap with screws. Affix the latch-side Z-bar. There should be 1/8 inch between the Z-bar and the door.

  5. Install the expander sweep

    Locate the expander at the bottom of the door, and slide it free. Apply liquid soap to the plastic sweep, and slide it through the expander channels. Crimp the channel closed to secure the plastic sweep. Remove the excess. Once you have reattached the expander to the door, slide it down.

  6. Install the latch

    Follow the included template to drill latch holes straight into the frame. Assemble the latch according to manufacturer's instructions, and attach it to the door.

  7. Install the closer mechanism

    Once you have ensured that the door opens and closes well, attach the jamb bracket to the door frame. Locate the washer that holds open the door, and slide it onto its rod. Use the short connecting pin to attach the closer onto the jamb bracket. Locate the front-side hole of the closer tube. Use the long connecting pin to affix the door's bracket to this hole. Use 5/8-inch screws to attach the door bracket.