How Do You Install Storage Cabinets in a Garage?


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To install storage cabinets in a garage, determine the position of the cabinets, mark the cabinets' lower edges, and affix a narrow wooden board along the marked line. Position one of the cabinets over this board, and secure it in place with wood screws. Attach the other cabinets in a similar manner, and secure adjacent cabinets together. Finally, take out the wooden board.

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To determine the position of the storage cabinets in the garage, consider their height and the clearance required to keep objects above and beneath them. Mark the lower edges of the cabinets by measuring from the floor at a few spots, using a carpenter's level to ensure that the line is level. Position the 1-by-4-inch wooden board so that its upper edge is in alignment with the marked line. Attach the board to the wall using nails.

Position one of the cabinets on the wall such that its lower edge rests on the wooden board, again using a carpenter's level to keep the cabinet level. Then affix it to the wall with wood screws that are long enough to penetrate the wall studs by 1 1/2 inches.

When positioning the second cabinet, ensure that it sits snugly against the first one, and affix it to the wall in a similar manner. To attach adjacent cabinets, use bolts and nuts.

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