How Do You Install Stone Veneer Siding?

How Do You Install Stone Veneer Siding?

To install stone veneer siding, affix a metal lath on the exterior wall, and apply mortar over the lath and the stones. Attach the stones to the lath, and allow them to set. Remove excess mortar, and use a grout bag to fill the gaps between the stones. Allow the mortar to the dry for a minimum of 48 hours, and finally seal the siding.

If the exterior wall is made of wood, nail a house wrap or roofing felt over it to make the wall moisture-resistant. Walls made of masonry do not require this installation. In both cases, install a metal lath using wood or masonry screws or nails on the wall.

When applying the mortar on the lath, coat it thinly and evenly, up to a thickness of 1/16 to 1/8 inch. Drag a rake over the wet mortar to form scratches, as this makes it easier for the stones to stick on the mortar. Allow the mortar layer to dry for approximately 48 hours.

Next, apply a mixture of mortar and thin-set on the stones to a thickness of about 1/2 inch. Start applying the stones on one corner of the wall, and press each stone on the surface. Apply the bigger stones first, and place the smaller stones depending on the size of the gaps.

After the mortar dries, push the mortar into the stone joints, and take out the excess mortar using a brush or broom. To remove mortar from the stone surfaces, apply acid wash. Using a grout bag, push the mortar deep into the joints, and allow to set for approximately 60 minutes. Press mortar along the seams of the joints for a better finish.