How Do You Install Stone Veneer?

How Do You Install Stone Veneer?

To apply stone veneer, create a moisture barrier, apply metal lath, cover the wall with mortar, attach the stones, and fill the gaps. Stone veneer is available in both natural and manufactured varieties.

  1. Create a moisture barrier

    Apply roofing paper over the surface of the wall to create a moisture barrier. Moisture barriers are not required if the base wall is masonry.

  2. Apply metal lath

    Attach the lath to the wall using roofing nails. The lath provides a surface for the mortar to grip and strengthens the bond of the veneer to the wall.

  3. Cover the wall with mortar

    Apply a 1/8-inch layer of mortar over the lath. Keep the area small enough that you are able to apply the veneer before it dries.

  4. Attach the stone

    Apply mortar to the back of each piece of stone before attaching it to the wall. Hold each piece of veneer in place for approximately five seconds to allow it to adhere. Continue applying mortar and attaching stone to cover the wall.

  5. Fill the gaps

    Fit smaller pieces of stone into the gaps created by the larger stones. If necessary, use a cut-off grinder to cut stones to fit the openings. Fill the small gaps between stones using a grout bag and S-type mortar.