How Do You Install a Steel Carport Yourself?


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Installing a metal carport yourself can be completed with some basic tools, the knowledge to use them and the help of as little as one other person. Many carport manufacturers include detailed instructions for putting together their do-it-yourself steel carports.

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The first step to installing a metal carport yourself is to read the owner's manual and any documents that were included when the carport was purchased. Once you read the owner's manual, begin laying the foundation for your carport. Every steel carport, while not as permanent a structure as a garage or house, needs a sturdy foundation to withstand wind and storms. Use either an existing concrete slab as the foundation or create a new slab that is measured to fit your carport.

After your carport foundation has solidified, the next step is to lay out the bottom rails of your carport kit. It is best if you can bolt these supporting rails into the concrete for added stability. When your bottom rails are secure, attach the upright supports to the bottom rails at the four corners of your carport area. With the uprights in place, attach your top rails to the uprights. Depending on the brand of carport you choose, you may also have to install side supports to prevent flexibility of the sides.

The final steps in installing your steel carport are to attach support trusses to the existing frame for stabilizing the roof and attaching the roof and any side pieces you desire. Once your carport is complete, be sure to double check that all of your pieces are securely held together to avoid damage or injuries.

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