How Do You Install Stanley Mirrored Sliding Doors?


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To install Stanley mirrored sliding closet doors, measure the opening, get the appropriately sized door, mount the top and bottom tracks, attach the hanging hardware to the doors, and then install the doors. The process requires only a few tools, including screwdrivers, a drill and a hacksaw.

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Making accurate measurements is critical for proper installation, since sliding doors come in specific sizes for standard closet openings. The tracks are usually one-size-fits-all, so it is important to cut them to the size of the entry using a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw. Screw the tracks into position at the top and bottom of the doorway, taking care to align them with the edges of the door frame so the sliding doors hang plumb. You can recess them slightly if you want to add trim at the top to conceal the track for aesthetic purposes.

Mount the hanging wheels and bottom runner wheels to the doors, and place them into the slots according to the instructions provided. Open and close the doors to check for smooth operation. If they do not slide freely or appear to be hanging crooked, adjust the wheels as needed to accommodate both smooth operation and visual preference.

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