How Do You Install Stair Treads?


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To install stair treads, measure and cut the steps, apply stain, add polyurethane to the stringers, and install the steps. You need a miter saw, stain, polyurethane glue, a rubber mallet and a measuring tape to complete this project.

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  1. Measure the stairs

    Measure the width and length of each stair tread. Allow 1 1/2 inches of overhang, and plan for a minimum stair tread depth of 10 inches.

  2. Cut the treads

    Cut the treads with a miter saw, based on the measurements you took. Cut on the waste end of the marked line to avoid cutting too short, and avoid cutting on the measured end of the tread.

  3. Stain the treads

    Stain each tread to protect the wood surface, and apply a second coat. Allow the treads to dry.

  4. Test the treads

    Set the treads in place to ensure a proper fit, and start at the bottom. Apply polyurethane to each stringer of the tread resting spots. Apply the same amount to the back and the side of the tread that contacts the riser.

  5. Install the treads

    Set the treads in place, and tap the front portion with a rubber mallet to force it against the riser. Tap the mallet on top of the stringers to secure the tread further. Allow the glue to dry.

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