How Do You Install Stair Spindles?

How Do You Install Stair Spindles?

To install stair spindles, remove the old spindles, and take measurements for the new spindles. Overdrill the top hole, cut the spindle to size, test the fit of the spindle, and secure with wood glue.

  1. Remove the old spindles

    Cut the damaged spindles in half using a saw. While wearing gloves, yank the halves out of their holes. If necessary, wiggle the wood back and forth until the spindle comes free.

  2. Measure for the new spindle

    Measure the exact length needed for the new spindle, and add 2 inches to allow the spindle to fit into the railing holes. Measure the top hole to determine the Forstner bit needed.

  3. Overdrill the top hole

    Attach the appropriate Forstner bit to your drill. Mark the desired depth of the hole with masking tape on the bit to avoid punching through the top of the railing. Overdrill the top hole so the new spindle has room to push up as you fit it into the base.

  4. Cut the spindle to size

    Using your previous measurement, cut the new spindle to size. If the spindles are beveled or otherwise carved, ensure the new spindles are aligned with the old.

  5. Test the fit

    Push the top of the spindle into the top hole, and drop the bottom into place. Ensure the fit is correct.

  6. Secure the spindle

    Remove the loose spindle. Squirt wood glue into the top and bottom holes. Insert the top into its hole, and drop the bottom back into the base.