How Do You Install Stair Railing?

install-stair-railing Credit: Brian Moloney/CC-BY 2.0

To install a stair railing, attach a half-Newel post to the wall with toggle bolts, secure a Newel post to each of the top and bottom stairs with lag bolts, measure the railing, and cut it to size. To complete the railing, install the balusters, and then fit the railing on top.

  1. Secure the half-newel post

    Pre-drill holes in the post and the wall for toggle bolts. Insert the screws into the posts, and place the toggles on the opposite side. Put the toggles into the wall, and turn the screws to tighten.

  2. Attach the newel posts

    Fit the newel posts onto the ends of the top and bottom stairs, and secure them with lag bolts.

  3. Trim the railing

    Between each of the posts, place the railing on the stairs, and mark correctly angled cuts. Cut the railing down to size, and set it aside.

  4. Install the balusters

    With a special stair bit, pre-drill the holes in the stairs for the balusters and the threads in the balusters. Insert the baluster bolts into the bottom of each baluster, and then screw the balusters into the holes on the treads and landing area.

  5. Add the railing

    Install rail fasteners onto the newel posts. Loosen the posts a little, and insert the railing into the rail fasteners and then the balusters into the holes on the railing. Once the railing is in place, re-secure the newel posts, and tighten the fasteners.