How Do You Install a Sprinkler Pump?

How Do You Install a Sprinkler Pump?

The process of installing a lawn sprinkler pump involves measuring the length of the inlet pipe, submerging the suction basket and connecting the suction basket to the pump inlet. The project requires PVC pipe in the same size as the current intake pump, PVC glue, primer and fittings, a suction basket, a foot or check valve, about three bags of 60-pound concrete, a hacksaw and a tape measure.

The following shows one method of installing sprinkler pumps.

  1. Measure
  2. Measure the distance of the water source from the inlet. The distance will serve as reference for the length of the PVC pipe needed for the project. Turn off the pump at the circuit breaker to ensure that it does not run during the project.

  3. Assemble
  4. Connect one end of the PVC pipe to the foot valve and then attach the foot valve to the suction basket according to manufacturer instructions.

  5. Submerge
  6. Place the two bags of concrete on top of the other at the bottom of the water source with the water no less than three feet deep. Lay the PVC pipe on the bag of concrete with suction basket past the bag into the three feet of water. Secure the inlet by placing the third bag on top of it.

  7. Glue
  8. Glue the pipes together until they reach the pump location. Ensure that the piping is airtight and that it slopes perfectly downwards.

  9. Test
  10. Turn on the pump from the circuit breaker and test the new sprinkler system.