How Do You Install Solar Panels?


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Install a solar panel by checking local zoning regulations, determining the location in which it receives the most sun, bolting the support to the roof and installing the panel on the support. Contact an electrician about wiring the solar panel to the electrical system.

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How Do You Install Solar Panels?
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As of 2015, some localities have zoning regulations that limit the installation of solar panels. Before investing in the equipment, property owners should check these regulations and determine if they require a permit.

Solar panels use sunlight to produce electricity. Place the unit where it receives the maximum amount of light. If installing more than one panel, there should be a minimum of 5 feet between panels so they do not cast a shadow on one another.

To protect the solar panel from wind, bolt it to the rafters of the roof using steel bolts. Predrill any holes before inserting the bolts to prevent the rafters from splitting. A stud-finder is useful in locating the rafters. After installing the bolts, seal them to protect the thermal envelope of the home. Fasten the panel to the support brackets.

Unless you are experienced with electricity, hire an electrician knowledgeable in solar power to connect the panel to the electrical system. Solar energy users usually store the energy they produce in batteries that supply the household equipment.

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