How Do You Install Solar Panel Roof Tiles?


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To install solar panel roof tiles, follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely to ensure the panel is affixed correctly. Choose an area on the rooftop, in a garden or in any place that has access to direct sunlight. Purchase panel mounts that function in the place that the panels are going. Use chalk or a laser sight to create a straight line for placing the mounts.

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When installing panels on a roof, find the rafters using a stud finder. Use a laser sight to line up the mounts and pre-drill mounting holes using a pilot bit. Drill the mounts to the roof top using lag bolt. Cover the mounts using metal flashing so your roof does not leak. Use 3/8-inch stainless steel bolts to place rails above the post.

Slide the solar panels onto the rails. Open the junction box on the back to connect each panel to the next one. Once the last panel is connected, run wires from a separate junction box to the last panel, and then run a conduit from the panels to your converter. Close all the junction boxes.

Each manufacturer packages the panels with unique hardware, so check the instructions and packaging before purchasing unusable materials. Follow electric codes to ensure the panels are grounded properly. Use safety materials when installing the panels, such as safety goggles, gloves and a harness.

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