How Do You Install Solar Deck Lights?


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Installing solar deck lights is similar to installing any other deck lights, except that you must wire and set the solar panel. First, gather all materials and tools for installation. Solar deck lights typically do not require wiring to a power source, but they do need batteries. Mount the solar lights onto a post or wall with nails or screws. If there is no existing post, dig a hole, install the post, secure the post and then mount the light.

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A solar deck light's solar panel is usually on top of the light to keep the light compact and gain easy access to a steady supply of sunlight. Use pliers to secure the wiring from the light fixture to the battery plate. Secure another wire or cable from the battery plate to the solar panel, which charges the batteries and powers the light.

Most solar deck lights come with a panel that has holes for screws or nails. Use these holes as a guideline and secure the proper fastener in them to support the solar deck light. If you need to add any cabling or wiring to the solar deck light, make sure that the cabling or wiring is waterproof. Use wire strippers and cutters to remove any excess cabling or wiring on the light. Even with waterproof cabling or wiring, take care to tuck or secure it into the mount of the light so it is not exposed to the elements.

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