How Do You Install Soffit Vents?


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To install soffit vents you need a cordless drill, a jigsaw and a stud finder. Installation time varies depending on the number of vents installed. Most soffit vents come with a template for cutting

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  1. Locate and mark the rafters

    Use the stud finder to locate the position of the roof rafters on the soffit. Mark the location of each rafter.

  2. Use the template to mark the cut-out

    Place the template between the marks indicating the rafters. Trace the outside edge of the template onto the soffit.

  3. Cut the space for the vent

    Use the drill to create a hole in the soffit within the template area. The hole should be large enough to insert the blade of the jigsaw. Push the jigsaw blade through the hole, and cut three-fourths of an inch inside the scribed marks completely around the hole. Remove and discard the cut-out.

  4. Install the vent

    Center the vent over the hole, pointing the louvers toward the house. Use self-tapping screws to tightly secure the vent. Caulk around the vent if desired, smoothing with a putty knife to seal against drafts. Inspect the inside of the attic around the new vents. Remove any insulation blocking the air flow.

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