How Do You Install a Snow Fence?


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To install a snow fence, gather information about the installation location, gather the necessary material and tools, install the posts and attach the fencing to the posts. The fence can be wooden or plastic, depending on the owner's preference.

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Gathering information helps to choose a suitable place for snow fence installation and to purchase the quantity of fencing required. In gathering the information, seek to know the snow transport rate and the area's main wind direction. Additionally, determine the area's average snow fall.

Using the information gathered, plan the fence's construction, and obtain enough material for the installation. To know the quantity of material needed, use a measuring tape to measure the place of installation, and take a record of each measurement. Then, purchase all the materials and tools that suit the project, including fence posts, a spade and fence ties.

Once all the materials and tools are in place, dig post holes with the spade at a spacing interval of 8 feet or less. Place the posts into the holes so one-third of the each post's height is in the soil. Fill the holes with soil, reinforce the base of each post by compacting the soil around it and then mount the fencing material to the posts with the fence ties.

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