How Do You Install a Sliding Panel Wall System?


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Install a sliding-panel wall system by marking the location for the upper track, attaching it to the ceiling and installing the floor track. Insert the hardware from the panels into the two tracks. The panels in these systems slide to the walls of the room when the intended use requires a large open area or provides a temporary sound-reducing wall to divide the space into two or more rooms.

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The exact installation instructions vary by manufacturer, and some sliding systems require adding special bracing, while others use a design that requires minimal support and installs directly to a suspended ceiling. Some systems require only the floor or ceiling track, while others require both. One two-track system has a removable floor track that stores vertically inside the panels, removing any possible trip hazard when the wall is open.

The size of the opening determines if the installer is able to use a system without center posts for support. Panel systems are available in both floor-to-ceiling models and in partial-height systems. The partial-height systems allow for better air circulation in room that use a single air handler for heating and cooling. However, they are less effective at preventing noise transfer than full-height systems. Some systems include a door in one of the panels that provides access between the two rooms without opening the panel.

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