How Do You Install a Sliding Glass Door?

How Do You Install a Sliding Glass Door?

To install a sliding glass door, assemble the door, remove any debris or rot from the opening, affix the frame into the opening, and install the door in the frame. You need a hammer, wood shims, glass doors, silicone caulk, hammer, nails, screws, levels, drill, drill bits and a screwdriver to complete this project.

  1. Assemble the parts

    If the door came in pieces, assemble it together near the entrance.

  2. Prepare the opening

    Consult with a local building inspector if the entrance needs to be carved out. If you are replacing an old door, check the entrance with a framing square to ensure that it is level. Use levels to correct any imbalances. Check for any wet or dry rot, and make the necessary repairs before installing the door. Clean the area by removing old screws and shims.

  3. Install the frame

    Put the frame on the ground, and use silicon caulk on the bottom of the frame and the flanges. Lift up the frame, and place it in the opening. Add a nail to the top right to secure the door in place. Check the frame with a level before applying the second nail. The second nail should be on the bottom left side. Nail the flanges in place, adjust the frame to ensure that it is level, and push in the wooden shims.

  4. Install the door

    Inspect the side jambs, and hammer in all of the nails. Apply caulk around the frame to make the door waterproof. Install the rollers, and affix the door in the frame. Move the doors to ensure proper fitting, and change the roller height if the door does not slide properly. Add the locking mechanism as a final touch.