How Do You Install Sliding Barn Doors?


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To install sliding barn doors, attach a mounting board to the wall above the door way, install the track on top of the mounting board, attach the hanger rollers to the door, lift the door into position, and place the rollers into the track. The project should take less than 2 hours.

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How Do You Install Sliding Barn Doors?
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  1. Gather the materials

    Purchase a sliding barn door kit that includes the installation hardware. In addition to the kit, you need a 1-by-4-inch wood board, drill, screwdriver and socket wrench.

  2. Install a mounting board

    Cut a 1-by 4-inch board that is the same length as the track but a few inches wider. Using drywall anchors, lag bolts and spacers, attach the mounting board to the wall above the doorway.

  3. Assemble the track

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions, and put the steel track together. Then cut the track to twice the width of the barn door.

  4. Install the track

    Drill holes in the track for the screws. Secure the track to the mounting board and wall with the included lag bolts and spacers.

  5. Install the doors

    Attach the hanger rollers to the door with the included carriage bolts, washers and nuts. Tighten the washers with the socket wrench. With the help of one or two people, lift the door into place, and hook the rollers onto the track.

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